Ms G's - A World of Its Own

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Victoria Street in Potts Point offer the surroundings leading to Ms G's (above)

Vongole with a twist, served with egg noodles and graced by Vietnamese inspired herbs.

(Image below). The bar counter is right upfront as you enter Ms G's (Image above).

Pandanus flavoured chiffon cake (above), topped by a coconut themed ice cream with nuts and raspberry - I prefer a less dense and more fluffy version of this traditional Straits Chinese cake. Below, the Stoner sandwich of various sugar fix flavours.

Mini-sized burgers that come with a choice of chicken katsu or crispy pork.

My personalised food platter - the highly recommended lamb shank (well marinated and with such a tasty texture from the first bite) at 10 o'clock; the sumptuous grilled prawn at 2 o'clock; and accompanying side serves.

A finger food idea - fine eggplant paste with sea urchin, served on a miniature base of pork crackling. (above). A light and refreshing salad for the palate with calamari and more (below).

Crackling roast pork served to be wrapped in pancake skins -not exactly in Beijing style!

Savoury ocean trout slices bathed in a Fijian styled ceviche.

This may be an optimal balance - a slice of belly pork garnished with aromatic condiments and shallots.

My cocktail of vodka and lime - I had expected this to be served in an elegant glass, but it was just a Yuzu slushee.


Charmaine said…
Love your personalised plate with all the trimmings.