Asian Food On the Run

A festive occasion, when glutinous rice, meat and /or savoury mushrooms are packed into tightly bound bamboo leaves and then steamed. The result (foreground above) - made only once a year - can be filling to the palate, but also eaten in rememberance and honour acknowledged to a
poet and statesman in feudal China. The latter was banished back to his provincial roots from the national capital when he protested against corruption. In desperation and protest, he threw himself into the raging waters of the river. His supporters jumped into a boat to try to rescue him, but this was in vain.Next they had to distract the fish from feeding on his body by then throwing in cooked rice. Hence, the traditions of the Dragon Boat races and the related steamed dumplings were born.

Simple but tasty - hawker fare on Penang Island (above image), with sauce stir fry egg noodles (left of picture), accompanied by a sambal-based condiment and a bowl of soup with tofu blocks and fish balls. Image credit to Roy Lim.

A light but attractive salad of lettuce and bean sprouts can be found in many Vietnamese inspired cafes and restaurants around the world (above). A traditional soup (below) accompanied by prawns found at Bau Troung in Canley Heights, in Sydney's south-west.

Cantonese-inspired steamedoysters on the shell, garnished by julieanne slicesof ginger and shallot. (below)


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