Return to Kiama, NSW

Kiama, which in indigenous Australian language possibly meaning "fish caught from rocks" or " where the seas roar",  is  a pleasant two hour drive south of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It is the home of the Wadi Wadi tribe. Most likely the place name is an honour to the ancient father spirit of eastern New South Wales - Kiahma.  An obvious lifestyle place, it offers a varied coastline that provides volcanic rocky cliffs, beaches, scenic views and an often serene ocean for most of the year.  Above image, weekend lunchtime at the town centre.

Most outsiders associate Kiama with its blowholes, large and small (above).  I returned to Kiama on the day of its monthly outdoor markets on the third Sunday of each month. The customised tent tops do provide an interesting contrast to the backdrop of deep blue water.

Jeannie, Grant and I had a quick bite at the Seachange Cafe (along Manning Street) which provides gourmet burgers, quiche and pumpkin soup on the wintry but clear blue sky day we arrived there.   There is a sufficient variety of retail outlets in the town centre,some of which reflect the surrounding  higher property prices and money from Sydney and overseas.  Many of the heritage buildings are well maintained and the streets are rather clean for a touristy spot.


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