Berowra Waters, NSW - Fish and Chips

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On the trail of locating the most delightful and tasty fish and chips in New South Wales, we had plans to go to Brooklyn, near the Mooney Mooney Bridge on the road north to Newcastle and the NSW Central Coast from Sydney side. The rather volatile weather made us detour to Berowra Waters, a 20 minute drive by car into the bush north of Hornsby. Berowra Waters is one of the
getaway points along the varied path of the Hawkesbury River. It is sited between cliff sides, but can so well hidden and interestingly enough is better accessible by boat, rather than by its approach narrow and curving roads. We did find a casual seafood place, the Fish Cafe, beside the marina and a fine dining restaurant, across the punt on the northern side of the river. Above image, the fish and chips offered that weekend.

The barramundi grill looked tasty (above) and lunchers can just hop off their boat or water taxi (below) to arrive on decks above the placid waters to take in Sunday brunch.

The salmon (above) was not served medium-rare as requested, and one notices the standard serve and presentation of the side salad. Nevertheless, staff were friendly and held conversations with guests. There was a good variety of accompanying sauces. I chose flat fish (below) and that was appetisingly crunchy!


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