Berowra Waters, NSW - The Punt and Marina

Arriving at Berowra Waters, north of Sydney's greater metropolitan area, is akin to unexpectedly coming upon a well hidden village - and one which you logically expect to be well preserved, perhaps warped in the mists of time. The approach road is winding and narrow, with a sense of order maintained only by the courtesy of drivers and the effectiveness of brakes. The sense of possible danger is mitigated by the views below, the vista of the destination - a placid river full of mostly little boats, well loved cottages and bigger abodes clinging on to cliff sides and a swath of greenery against rock with character.

All arriving vehicles dutifully lined up to board the punt. This was no gamble, for although there was no bridge across the river, even in this so-called modern age, it was a pleasant and orderly logistical move when boarding the floating platform moved by steel ropes -passengers walked into a cabin, protected from the elements, whilst vehicles were guided into or took a common sense view as to where to place their vehicles while on the punt. I had a dedicated worker telling us where to park. I was particularly thrilled - I had not seen orexperienced such a crossing since childhood!

Two views to enjoy - above, the verdant foliage of surrounding hills while car passengers sat inside their vehicles riding the punt and below, the view from the restaurant and cafe side whilst lining up to await the arriving punt.

Accommodation is available at places like the Lodge, with food outlets like the Waterview Restaurant, Peat's Bite and the Fish Cafe. A range of possible activities, ranging from kayaking, swimming, fishing to boating, beckons one on a summer's day. On cooler days, Berowra offers primarily a get away experience, with waterfront dining, bush walking and river cruising up creeks and inlets as the most attractive options.


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