Bundeena to Cronulla and back - Boat on the Bay

Captain Ryall ran the first ferry service in Port Hacking Bay from Jibbon Beach in Bundeena Village.

Between Horderns and Gunyah beaches lies the ferry wharf that today provides passengers (image above) a refreshing half hour ride to Cronulla Beach. The boat ride, run by the Cronulla and National Parks Service, is highly recommended. With boats called TomThumb and CurraNulla, they are the link between two different worlds and run every hour (on the half hour) from each destination. Below, the door to the captain's navigation deck.

I was impressed with the orderliness and housekeeping aboard the boat, noticeably the safety float vests stored above the passengers (above image) and the cleanliness of floors and seats. Below, a typical scenery passengers encounter along the ride - stand up board paddlers, swimmers and surfers.

Pets, families and backpackers are all welcomed aboard by the crew - one of whom collects ticket fares once the journey begins.

Above, the boat approaches the wharf at Bundeena Village.