Yarra Valley, Victoria - Chandon Estate

Above, the approach to Chandon Estate on an early autumn Sunday.

Above foreground, a preserved timber and metal contraption used in the estate location before it was managed by Moet-Hennessy.

Above, a background poster just recalls all those foot squashing pictures from European vineyard festivals, where lots of splattery mesh and juice result from the grapes being stomped upon by human feet. At the Chandon Estate, this is done by very well thought of and complied procedures and processes by human beings (aka employees) using the aid of a specialised tool.

Above, a view from the inside of the on-site restaurant, the Greenpoint Brasserie, which adjoins the vineyards and stroll gardens. Below, the welcome inside the immaculate and well designed showroom, which echoes French savvy, elegance and feel.

In the dark room, above, for riddling - or remuage in French - only after aging for up to three and a half years. Riddling is required to consolidate the lees, or sediment, for removal. The bottles are first placed on special racks (pupitres) at a 45 degree angle with the cork pointed down. They then undergo an involved process of slightly shaking and turning them so that by eight weeks, each bottle is pointed straight down, with sediment in the neck of the bottle.

Visitors can relax on the well manicured lawns and footpaths, take in the March sunshine of the southern atmosphere or sip samples from wine tasting.

Above image, credit to Mr Yeap Kim Leong

The chateau surroundings (above) blend in well with the changing colours of the vineyards (below).

Visitors are advised to be on site at the estate by 11am on weekends for the guided tour, which is conducted in English and which I found very informative. Wine tasting costs AUD5, which is refundable when you make a purchase. What also caught my eye are the lifestyle accessories like speakers and IPod holders in a Chandon cooling bag. There are a few other vineyards nestled around the Yarra Valley which can be covered within a day.