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A leisurely Saturday evening catch up with university classmates turned up as well to be

my latest adventure with Thai cuisine offered in Sydney. On a relatively warm autumn night, I had the opportunity - with mostly Caucasian diners at the Thai Paragon Restaurant - to reacquaint myself with some favourite dishes and tastes. Above, a fitting dessert of sticky rice pudding, accompanied by vanilla ice cream and bathed by raspberry sauce (foreground) and a selection of quintessential Thai fruits (jackfruit, pomegranate and the like) soaked in a light coconut milk mixture.

My recommendation for the evening (above) - the classic padthai, or stir-fried thin rice noodles
with garnishings of fresh bean sprouts, small pieces of soya bean cakes, chicken bites and a flurry of sauces (sugary, savoury and salty) - all ready with an option of a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The Paragon version had an appetising wetness to this dish - not too dry and not too moist as well.

Between the soft shell crab (above) and the green curry (below), I was fascinated by the lightness of the latter and was a tad disappointed by the saltiness of the former. The green curry attracted me because it was not over creamy and brought out the bite of the prawns.

Entrance to the Mosman version of the Paragon above, with an entree of spring rolls below.

The chicken salad (below) stood out in being unassuming in looks, but was rather satisfying to the palate.

The Thai Paragon Restaurant visited above is located at 143a Raglan Street, Mosman, on Sydney's lower North Shore.


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