Lining Up

Kiddies, parents and teens lining up not just for their Mackers but the toy and movie momento packs that go along with purchases.  This can be an epitome of marketing and revenue generation, with customers not just going for the primary product of the business but trivial sidelines that create real passion and excitement for the market, but are really things forgotten in a few years.   Who really cares about the health implications of burgers and fries, there is more than a reason to visit a Mackers store  -  it is the experience.

Rich property buyers hiring people to stand in for them in lining up for apartment purchases off the plan.   Proxy buyers and representatives employed to place deposits for a speculative and hot market.   The idea is to get a place, a booking to make even more money.  Property real estate agents are masters and wizards in churning up need, interest and action....they are experts in auctioneering, hyping up and making one feel the want.   So potential buyers do feel the pressure and heat of being there, or being square.

Queues at the first Australian Krispy Kream outlet in Liverpool NSW all excited over the doughnuts, spurred on by the wafting aromas and complimentary sampling while waiting in line.  Read about Mackers above, but here KK does not even provide other than their main products - doughnuts.  Is there a problem with this....well, KK has closed many stores in Australia.

Pensioners all stressed up waiting to withdraw their money from bank branches as the Greek economy goes into crisis due to inability to repay loans as required by the European Union.   Ordinary folk lining up again at bank branches as the Indian and Venezuelan governments  declare some high denomination currency notes as being phased out and no longer accepted as legal tender.   These people lining up have an urgency to salvage their money's worth, are disheartened and angry.   Most have worked hard to make meagre savings the only mistake they made is not to have them placed in the bank.  

Shoppers with passion sleeping the night before in front of David Jones and Myers stores in Australian capital cities, on the cusp of the Boxing Day sales.   Amazingly, despite on line shopping and early discounts throughout the year in retail, there are still people carrying out what seems to be a retro and irrelevant shopping tradition.. Maybe this is an excuse to have a gathering with friends and have a party atmosphere in the warm summer weather Down Under.

Thousands walking persistently, despite fatigue and pain, across South-eastern Europe, in their hunger for freedom, escape from war and a better life.  Their home countries have been deteriorating in civility and bearable conditions, or some may be seeking a better economic opportunity overseas.    Whatever the reasons are, they are scenes of the human condition that both chill and churn our hearts.  They take risks in drowning, facing aggressive opponents and in physical fatigue.   Still doing this is better than remaining in their home villages and towns.  The silver lining is that they also discover acts of kindness, understanding and help from strangers they have not met before.

Thousands of citizens and residents patiently waiting under the Equatorial sun and rain in respect and sincere humility to farewell a political leader and founding Father of a small island nation which is now the world's richest city.   No political leader is perfect, but that is not the point.   True leadership is echoed by the positive impact in the lives and hearts of the masses.  Some approaches and methods employed by such leaders cannot be palatable, but in the end, it is the outcome, the sentiment and the achievement.  Human beings have a mind of their individual own, but when the many have tears in their eyes - and more importantly the pride and respect in their late leader - it is a rare moment in history.

Thousands of volunteers willingly being herded to provide service to and engage with the paying public attending Olympic Games.   The ideals of the Olympic Games lie in the heart and soul of Western civilisation, ideals and values.   Are the modern games organised with the same spirit, intent and philosophy?    Volunteers are galvanised to work for long hours with crowds and given much inspiration and indoctrination, the critics may say.   The volunteers themselves seem happy to do all this.

Persistent liners up in front of major city stores eagerly anticipating to buy the Samsung and Apple products released every two years.    Same as for the observations on Mackers above, except that the products last longer, but not by much and there are no freebies.  It is always fascinating to observe the delight and pride of the first buyer in the line in each city.

This is the March of the Human Pysche.


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