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The Dining Room, Park Hyatt - Sydney Harbour

With the stereotyped multi-million dollar view, the Dining Room in Sydney Harbour's Park Hyatt could not be placed in a better location - and with cosmopolitan cities these days, this means big money changing hands.  The menu at the restaurant is however medium priced for what you get -  care, creativity and sensitivity.   I love the presentation at the Dining Room, not just of the food, but of the lay out, the light from outside coming in and the view of the Sydney Opera House across the waters.  Staff are smartly dressed, obviously have been trained well and make guests feel good.
Vegetarian and gluten free options are clearly marked and offered.  There are both full and tasting menus, degustation and wholesome meals.   Private rooms are also available for consideration with locking in the Chef's Table for eight diners.

Escargot, carpaccio and gazpacho are words that dot through the entrees for dinner.   The mains are beautifully and yet carefully verbalised and described  -  for example, "petit pois a la Farncaise" with the corn fed chicken;  Rangers Valley Angus beef cheek is decorated with Enoki and Shitake mushrooms, sits on a Kumbu Bouillon and Pomme puree; the red snapper is graced with Kurobuta chirozo, Piment d'espellette ice cream and white and green silver beet;  and organic barley Falcon risotto is served with basil, olives, Heirloom tomatoes and Pepe Saya mascarpone.  Diners get captivated and then lost in fascination as to the detailed ingredients thought  up for each dish.  I reckon they are more than fancy names, for each description uplifts the experience, the delight and the satisfaction.

Always a reliable combination for a summery day - chips and a cocktail - to wind down before a meal.

Wild Clover lamb loin with zucchini flower, spring onion, Labne and garlic blossom.  The yogurt based creamy cheese without salt in the Labne contrasts against the strong meaty taste of the lamb.  I thought I had a perfect choice that day.

There are invariably two entrances to this restaurant, which may make a bit of a confusion as to meet in the lobby side or from the outside through a side entrance.   All of this uncertainty dissipates when Executibe Chef Franck Detrait's and Chef De Cuisine Chris McGrath's offerings transport guests into another culinary world, with hints of French retro, fusion cosmopolitan and Australian comfort.   What you have for lunch makes you want to try for dinner.  The guests are left to relax, attended to at the right moments and one feels like this could be home.  Nestled away in a quiet cove of the harbour, the views are enchanting in the day or night time.

Corn fed chicken  - tender juicy, flavourful and with just the right accompaniments.

The Valhrona Caraibe eclair, with chocolate and virgin olive oil creme patisserie and cacao sorbet.

Strawberry tart, pistachio Chibouste and raspberry Coulis, Bergamot orange and marshmallow.

Kids do soak in the atmosphere at the Dining Room as well - and they can go riot over food selections made for them especially in mind - tomato soup, chocolate brownies, penne pasta, chicken nuggets, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches....what stands out are two fish items, one a grilled fish with steamed veg and the other crisp battered fish fillets with French fries.   On the morning my group of five was lunching there, there was a long table celebrating a baby shower - and one of the guests was a snoozing cute little boy in a pram.  There is plenty of room for children to roam outside, with the Harbour Bridge just looming above like the Beanstalk in Jack's fairy tale.

Red and black berries, chocolate and lemon thyme ganache, mascarpone and strawberry.

The breakfast menu follows this course of a refreshing, seasonality emphasised menu.  French brioche toast is served with wicked chocolate cream placed together with caramelised banana - an exciting harmony of Europe in the South Seas.  Even morning organic egg omelettes are served three ways, with echoes of the old country - Spanish with capsicum, onion, tomato and chorizo;  Provencale, with mozzarella, basil and tomato; and the Complete, with Swiss cheese, smoked ham and mushrooms.

Does the stunning view outside, with all round glass windows on one side of the Dining Room, add to the experience?  It sure does but it also raises expectations.   Service is impeccable, more glowing on a sunny blue sky day outside.  The Dining Room epitomises what the world has come to think of Sydney Harbour - good location, great climate, tasty food and friendly people.  Both Executive Chef Franck Detrait and Chef De Cuisine Chris McGrath have an amazing big job on their hands in creating an ever changing menu that matches the palate of discerning guests and the competitive world of cuisine.

My sugarless dessert, even after chalking up 8000 steps before reaching the Park Hyatt.
Barambah organic yogurt from Queensland, mango & passion fruit.

The Hyatt on the Park is located at 7 Hickson Road at the Rocks in Sydney city.
Telephone: 612 9256 1234
Open for breakfast on weekdays from 630am to 1030am and for weekends from 630am to 11am.
Open for lunch between noon and 230pm on weekdays and form 1230pm to 3pm on weekends.
Open for dinner every evening from 6pm to 10pm.
A smart dress code is present.

The Dining Room @ Park Hyatt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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