Franks 'n Beans - East Corrimal NSW

Coffee is good enough for horse riders as well , who make a pit stop with their charges before continuing.

Hidden within the bowels of a suburb north of Wollongong is a cafe that feels like Waterloo or Surry Hills in Sydney or in a lane in Melbourne CBD, but from this cafe, one can wander down the beach, past a caravan park and enjoy a village feel in a small hub that has a newsagent, Foodworks supermarket, a clinic, a bakery and a small but good enough parking area.

The cafe is Franks 'n Beans, opened last year, where regulars can stroll down in their shorts, with their doggies or relax after having done the shopping chores.   The place is otherwise residential, dotted by houses from the eighties if not earlier.  I can pump my petrol nearby and then enjoy the trendy food and varied menu.

The long wall of Franks 'n Beans on one side have potted plants hanging  and there is even an old fashioned food cupboard that now serves to hold wine bottles.  There is a homely atmosphere and many have included this cafe in their routine.

Longaniza Scotch eggs garnished with bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes and whipped feta cheese.

Couples gyrate towards the tables inside, families love to hang around the canteen table at the front and pet owners quietly sit outside while their pooches watch the world go by.  The menu is clearly marked to separate breakfast and lunch offerings.

In addition, there is always a changing selection of different milkshakes to entice any one walking in- and of course there is the compulsory barista made coffee.   The area to queue in front of the cash register can be small.   If you sit deeper inside, you can also watch a transparent area where salads, herbs, grains and other ingredients are laid out for preparation.

The Christmas Milkshake with ginger nut, custard, spices and ice cream.

Opposites - salads versus a meat platter for lunch!  The Berkshire pork shows it s yummy textures and is serevd with the black sausage cuts and poached egg.

I reckon there are more eggs used than beans in this cafe, more choices of salads than meats .

That is unless one has the Trio of Pork for breakfast  - this rather generous platter can be shared by two persons and includes the black pudding sausage that can be rich but is often a treat to have.  Also in the trio presented is the Berkshire pork that has been cooked for at least 15 hours, resulting in an outcome that has been a lot of effort and love.  Berkshire pigs are a rare breed originating from the UK but also bred in Japan and the USA.

I had been eyeing the French toast with almonds, mint, maple syrup, strawberries  and vanilla Labna, but still, after all these months, not brought myself to have a sweet instead of a savoury breakfast.  Perhaps more likely I like the cooked savoury stuff more, and I nominate the Black Label roll and the Longaniza Scotch eggs as the most desirable every time I am there.

On future visits, I am planning to try the spiced pumpkin with Labna, baby carrots and kale; the poached chicken sandwich with Remoularde, spinach and corn relish; the pulled pork with a host of garnishings like mixed sprouts, fennel, spinach, chili mayonaise and pickeld apple; and the French toast with vanilla Labna, almonds, mint and strawberries, all drizzled with maple syrup.   More to check out the creations of Chef Peter Padian!

My overall impressions of the Franks 'n Beans:

Service:  Friendly and easy going.

Food:  Interesting variety, practical pricing, suitable for families and all ages.   What stands out is the blending of garnishing and ingredients to make a tasty whole on the presented plate.

Ambiance:  Suburban, relaxing and good.

All this for under ten Aussie dollars - a practical and light breakfast on the run.  Black pudding is carefully serevd with greens, relish and egg on a bun.  The Black Label Roll.

Franks 'n Beans is located at  Shop 1 of 15 Murray Road, East Corrimal NSW, down the road towards Corrimal Beach   - after the roundabout between Pioneer Road and Murray Road near the Corrimal High School.
Telephone: 612 4244 8089
Opening Hours:  Open every day for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

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