Gelateria Giapo, Haute Ice Cream & Gelato - Auckland

The lively engaging and customer focused  staff member  of Giapo we were so fortunate to meet at the Gelateria - and she is from Sicily.  Photo credit - Ms S K Teoh.

Welcoming, wonderful and wow in flavours and presentation!  As someone remarked, "When you have a Giapo ice cream, you just won't know where to start!".

The cones can be bigger than what you normally get at ice cream parlours, but this rather unique place comes alive with a great selection of ice creams and gelato.  Each flavour and combination in Giapo comes with eye catching names.  I had the Christchurch Hazelnut, my fellow gelato cult members chose two with Avocado and another one with an Italian twist.  And that was the more simple name...CH.

All very New Zealand.  And Italian. Giapo also has flavours inspired from the South Pacific neighbours and of course, the iconic Hokey Pokey.  You can have your gelato and ice cream in cups as well but the waffle cones are quality and yummy eaten by themselves.  I can still recall flavours like Yogurt with Goji Berry and the Organic Winter Sangria Sorbet - and they can change every day.

Check out the Aotearoa Garden, hey are they leaves freshly plucked from a  garden on the top?  I just adored my solid chocolate cone placed solidly on my serving - and they even give you a helpful little spoon with your cone.

Giapo delights are not overly rich but full of flavour, with interesting combinations that tease the senses.  Chef and patron of Giapo, Mr. Giapo Grazioli, has a gem of a gelateria.  Giapo is a strong believer and supporter of local produce.  Massey university has a research paper on Gaipo.s business success.

Colour, shape, how it all looks count here as well as the inherent taste. And then wait for the toppings!  These are generous encrusted top-of-the-cake literally over the top bonuses.  These counter against the higher prices charged but I reckon you get value in return.

Service is fast and I was amazed by the efforts the staff go to decorate the tops of the already delicious offerings.  With a smile, the lovely two female staff (one from Sicily)  take us through their extensive menu.  Children and the elderly would be captivated - anyone is!  They even offer drinking water when customers sit down, watching the goings on along Queen Street.  The bus stops right infant of Giapo, go for this!  I would take ice cream in the Kiwi winter at Giapo's - don't even think of summer.  

Visiting Giapo's is more than an experience, it can be the whole package in engagement, palate satisfaction and enjoyment.  Gelateria are often small but it is  pleasure to reward yourself especially on a cold day outside. Flavours can change daily as well.

Giapo Haute Ice  Cream & Gelato is located at 279 Queen Street, Auckland CBD near the Civic Theatre.  Located in front of a bus stop, teeming numbers of students and tourists.
Opening Hours: Every day after noon, weeknights close 1030pm and weekends 1130pm.
Telephone: 65 9 5503677

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