Auckland Winter - In the City

I strongly recall such construction workers even on my first visit in 1988.

New Zealand is after all part of the South Pacific - and can be tropical.

Lest we forget - an over proportionate number of New Zealand diggers sacrificed their lives  in 20th century battles
supporting the Mother Country Britain, when compared to the nation's small population.

Artist rendition of an interesting contraption used in a commercial kitchen.

The walk to the Brittomart Rail and Bus Hub, 8am on a Thursday morning in June 2015.

The Amorphophallus Titanium flowering at the Auckland Wintergarden, June 2015.

The stained ceiling at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Frontage of a shopping outlet near Auckland Harbour.

A green house.

Greek styled bas relief.

The call for war around a hundred years ago.

Auckland's business district.

Perhaps a rare place in the world displaying volcano rocks in a city plaza, with table tennis facilities provided for free by the Council.

In an Auckland garden.


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