Grub Food Van - - Moor Street, Fitzroy Melbourne

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A unique Airstream Caravan is the centrepiece  for this eye catching espresso cafe location, not far from where Moor meets Brunswick Streets in Fitzroy, north east of the Melbourne city centre.  My top eat here is the Jerked Chicken Burger, generously graced with pineapple chutney, avocado, jack cheddar, chill lime aioli and tomato cuts.

The hipster staff of Grub Food are friendly, engaging and conversational with customers.  The core of it all is of course the coffee.  What caught my interest is the organic cola hit with an espresso shot - the Chico - but I did not have that - yet.
Beers, ciders, spirits, teas, wines and more are also offered.

The  inner garden and courtyard.  As they say, "when the weather turns sour, smart grubs head to the Hole".
Food served emphasises local food ingredients and sourcing.  The food choices are imaginative, creative and varied  - soy milk rice pudding, prawn gyoza, Spanish anchovies, smoky eggplant crostini, Dr Marty's crumpets and smashed avocado on multigrain are just some examples.   For the famished, do had straight to the various board platters - my preferences are the Charcuterie and farmhouse versions.
Sunny outlook near entrance to Moor Street on a summer's day.  Tables are neat and orderly while you are surrounded by a purposeful and easy clutter to help anyone relax, as if you were on a stop in  major road trip!


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