First Moon for Hayden Yeap - January 2015 Melbourne

Hayden Yeap with grand aunt at the Shark Fin's Restaurant in suburban Melbourne.  Hayden is clutching a red packet
offered by Lucy to mark his very first one month.
Photo credit: SC Yeap.

Celebratory Straits Chinese snacks, the Ang Koo, made with tortoise shaped moulds and packed with steamed fillings of mung bean and sweet potato paste.  These are usually only prepared to mark the first month of new born infants, accompanied by round red coloured balls for boys and peach shaped snacks for girl babies.

Edible red dye is poured over the shells of these hard boiled eggs.  Droplets of vinegar help to seal in a consistency of colour and eggs must be placed at room temperature to help ensure the shell does not stick to the cooked inside of the egg.

Straits Chinese cuisine combines the best of southern Chinese  dishes with those of South-east Asia for over six hundred years.  Turmeric coloured steamed glutinous rice is often served with  Indian inspired chicken curry to distribute to family and friends in signifying a new addition to a family.  The Western style cake was added with the arrival of the European colonists , opening the Portuguese, Dutch and British influence.  Red is the preferred colour to signify positive omens of brightness, wealth and good luck.

Kevin, Mackie, Hayden, Eu-Gene and Matthew on a summer's night.
Photo credit: SC Yeap.


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