Tea Time in South-east Asia

This following entry marks seven years today for Kindly Yours.
The Huat Kueh, a steamed light delicacy served in  various colours to mark a celebration or festive occasion. Ubiquitous in Georgetown, Penang Island.
The colonial legacy has provided the pork and chicken pies, served on fine china. The pictured versions were bought from Bankstown in NSW.
Singapore orchids and Cambodian bananas grace the table at teatime with a south-east Asian theme.
Setting captured in Balgownie, NSW.
Cookies with a twist - clockwise, from left to right, with flavours as unusual like pandanus and curry leaf.  Available from the Cookie Museum of Singapore.
Straits Chinese layer cake, with variations in Indo-China, Indonesia and the Phillippines.  Based on coconut milk, a flair for presentation and at times garnished with red beans.  It is served as a delicacy in both fancy hotels in Singapore and by the roadside in Thailand.
Nothing like a ready edible harvest from Nature, the jackfruit, peeled out from beneath its hard dark green exterior.  The yellow fruit is luscious on the mouth, hides a seed which is further battered and deep fried in South-east Asian street markets and homes and is full of nutrition.
Hong Kong styled Tarn Tart, the egg custard filled pastries so prevalently available at yum cha sessions around the world and based on the Portuguese caramel infused tarts from Europe.
Pork based ham with a spicy touch, a staple of Vietnam, ideal for either noodles or breads, or just simply eaten as a quick snack.