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Coming out of Queensland, Capers seemed to me initially as the new player on the competitive and already established pizza fast food delivery market in Australia.  However it commenced operations in 1996 in Kenmore in the greater Brisbane area - which I was not aware of.  So I had expectations of what makes Capers different, to distinguish themselves in this space. What is their target demographic? May be this can be discerned from the location of their stores in new areas.  My first encounter with Capers was in Corrimal, which lies at the northern end of the Illawarra region south of greater Sydney.  This store opens only at noon, is manned minimally but is sited strategically opposite the Woolworths car park and within walking distance from the main intersection of the shopping strip.  The Corrimal store is part of at least a 120 outlet network, still mainly located in Queensland State and mostly in regional areas outside capital cities.

The Corrimal store is designed with Gen Y in mind, with colourful murals and eye catching fonts.  I also loved the design of the take away boxes.  The pricing can appear to be higher than some of its competitors for almost comparable products, but at the same time I acknowledge its unique recipes and toppings.  You can also obtain gelato in various flavours from its refrigerated help your selves.  My favourite flavour is salted caramel. Most pizza businesses thrive on take-aways but there is also seating at Capers outlets. Capers describes its products as handcrafted - it also embraces the Internet in providing a blog, on-line orders and club memberships.

I have an affinity for the fresh garnishing used for Capers items.  I have not sampled the full range of the available menu (which has dips, salads and pasta as well) but some people do tell me about the smaller serves of some of its pizzas. What has caught my eye are the so called Black label choices, although I  get traditional ones like the Margherita and the Capricciosa.  I also like the crust served.  Currently it looks like a suburban and country strategy for Capers and it shall be on my watch on their expansion locations.


Macky Blaise said…
I am an Aussie but I never experience to dine here. Wanna try it also,.

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