The Lunar Year of the Wood Horse

The galloping horse is full of energy, purpose and dynamics.  How long can a horse persistently run depends on its destination, what it longs for at journey's destination and also what underlies its stride. Is it solid preparation, sufficient resources to last a long day or inherent character and training that differentiates success from lacklustre results.  Reliability, patience and quiet strength can make or break, as aggressive hankering can cause the opposite outcomes.  The horse symbolises chi energy, but what kind of chi is this, supportive, rebellious or difficult to tame?  Can the horse show tendencies of impulsive behaviour at times?

The Lunar New Year for 2014 commences on 31 January and has thirteen months, stretching its reign till the 18th day of February 2015.  It is said to be a lunar year with an abundance of fire, implying all the risks and related opportunities.  Fire is the fixed element of the Horse, but in the scheme of the Lunar calendar, this time around, it is going to be ruled by influences of the relevant associated element, the Yang Wood.   Yang and Yin, male and female, opposites and yet necessary to be in harmony to balance the various forces and nuances of the world we live in.

Fire can burn metal but can be doused by water elements. Fire can flare up but may not last long and in the smouldering ruins after a fire, the burnt earth has the nutrients to spur growth and hence result in the presence of wood.   The traditional five elements of East Asian culture therefore have strong links of cause and effect in a relentless cycle.  This may be why it is said that in this year, those born under the Earth signs - the Dog, the Ox, the Dragon and the Sheep - can be sturdy in confidence and inner strength.  Those who are not in this charmed circle can have other ways out - like the Rooster has secret friends in the Dragon and Ox - and thereby can seek out its natural allies to boost and borrow spirit, strength and confidence.

The Snake, Ox and Rooster are traditionally seen as a trinity of animal signs that signal strong intellectual creativity.  Rats, Monkeys and Dragons are born competitors.  Those born under the years of the Rabbit, Sheep and Boar can provide much needed diplomatic skills to counter the potential furious energies wrought by a Horse.  The Horse itself is grouped with the Tiger and the Dog.  Those born in the northern hemisphere winter months are said to fare better against the whims of a fire infused lunar year.  As wood feeds a fire, this may mean an excess of the inherent fire element that already was abundant in 2013.  So what is sorely missed are more elements and influences of the Earth and Water.   Yet there is another school of thought that one can harness the positive spirit of the fire element. So bright colours in this respect  are encouraged in 2014 like red, and light pastels avoided, if one wants to ride on the benefits of the fire theme.

Wealth luck is symbolised by metal, with wood providing resource luck. Water echoes recognition luck, whilst relationships luck is supported by fire.  Earth suggests creativity. In life, we do require resources, relationships, recognition and creativity to bring us a measure of good wealth, in every sense of the word.  What does it then mean to the individual, swirling around these concepts and possibilities of being born under an animal sign, with the very important time of day or night adding to the shady mix of fortune and zodiac signs?   I reckon these are all elements for a recipe, for one to be more aware and mindful of and most of all to utilise your own creativity and imagination to bring more positive vibes into your own life.   We are all individually special, like the pattern of our tongues and finger prints, even if we belong to the same animal sign, same element, were born at the same time and strongly rely on our own unique cultural heritage.

Finally, the forecasts, believe them or not!  It's a good money year for Snakes; health and wealth abound for Dragons; and Rabbits or Cats find a higher level of romance but with its possible controversies. Tigers see more luck, learning opportunities and resulting joy.  The Ox is a sign of authority, meaning potential promotions, but also possible conflict with the vibes of the Horse. Boars continue to make more helpful friendships and have breakthroughs in business. It is a good year for those born under the Year of the Dog, with upswings in relationships, work and investments.  Monkeys may want to travel or network more to gain more success. For Sheep or Goats,working on relationships is paramount and rewarding. Horses can exercise more positive leadership but must avoid conflicts.  More opportunities arise in work and business for the Roosters but they have to manage personal relationships better.


Fixed Elements for the 12 Cyclic Animal Signs
Rat - Water
Ox- Water
Tiger - Wood
Rabbit or Cat - Wood
Dragon - Earth
Snake - Fire
Horse - Fire
Goat/Sheep/Cat - Fire
Monkey - Metal
Rooster - Metal
Dog - Metal
Boar - Water

Associated Elements for Selected Years:
2015 - Yin Wood (Goat/Sheep)
2016 - Yang Fire (Monkey)
2017 - Yin Fire (Rooster)
2018 - Yang Earth (Dog)
2019 - Yin Earth (Boar)
2020 - Yang Metal (Rat)
2021 - Yin Metal (Ox)
2022 -  Yang Water (Tiger)
2023 -  Yin Water (Rabbit or Cat)
2024 -  Yang Wood (Dragon)
2025 -  Yin Wood (Snake)
2026 -  Yang Fire (Horse)


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