Mezes Espresso Bar & Restaurant - Brighton Le-Sands, Sydney

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Roasted mushrooms are the winner in this breakfast offering - the BB2 Panini - which has haloumi placed under the poached eggs.

Licensed, with an espresso bar, open from 7am till late, Mezes is one of the main stays in Brighton Le Sands. It offers a varied menu, influenced by Greek and Mediterranean traditions and inspirations, but also having a modern Australian core. Andy introduced me to this place, initially with breakfasts but then later with dinner.  Guests can sit facing the normally placid Botany Bay but also the varying levels of traffic on the main road to Sydney Airport and the CBD. The most recent time I was there was on a Tuesday evening and I was delighted to find the place almost full.

The coffee is strong but has  kick, whether day or night.

The ambiance is subdued and mostly comfortable.  The variety of New Zealand wines is noted but also the friendliness of the staff. Haha, we are almost seated at the same table every time I go there.  I acknowledge regulars at breakky time and so I reckon there is a connection between some residents and this restaurant.  The Mezes is part of the Bayside Plaza which adjoins the Novotel.  I can rely on a wonderfully done Eggs Benedict to start the day but at the same time find variety in dips, pasta, meats and salads for other main meals.  Seating has options I must say, whether up a inner platform, which are popular with both family groups and couples, or you can even sit outside the restaurant proper and feel the sea breezes.

Grilled barramundi is served with a lovely creamy  sauce, fresh greens and a baked potato.

Melitzanosalata  (eggplant flavour) and Taramosolata (fish roe caviar) stand out as dip flavours. Seafood is a speciality from the Mezes kitchen crew and diners can view the goings on and the cooking in the half open kitchen.  Oysters, salmon, barramundi, prawns and octopus - they are all there and done in a different dimension away from the sea side seafood cafe.  Earlier in the day, not only are there toasts, but wraps, omelettes, bruschettas , Turkish melts, pancakes, crepes, croissants and French toasts.   What i like most at dawn from  the Mezes is the BB2 Panini.  There are also iced drinks, milkshakes juices, ice cream sodas and teas apart from the expected coffee range, which includes frappes, Vienna variations and espressos.

The Aussie breakfast comes with a slice of orange and  half strawberry.

Next time I may go for the seafood souvlaki, which has Greek styled salads drizzled with aioli sauce accompanying scallops, prawns and barramundi fillet on the same plate.  I have not tried the gelatos from their Sweet Vanilla bar range - and they have flavours like the bon bon Rocher, coconut,watermelon and Snickers.  Yes, they do have moussakalamb cutlets, tzatziki dips and salt and pepper calamari, if you are planning a more Greek themed night. Two menu items which I have eyed for sure are the seafood linguini, decked with mussels, calamari, octopus, fish and prawns and the Mykonos platter (with dolmades, octopus, calamari, taramosalata dip, pita bread, tiropites and haloumi cheese).


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