Addisons Seafood Grill & Bar, Shellharbour NSW

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A Mezza platter with scallops on the shell for entrees

It was a sunny arvo, but one that was blessed with light breezes. The nearby Shellharbour Beach had already filled up with visitors and day trippers - yes, it was already mid-summer, when carefreeness, timelessness and a sense of abandon reigned, infused and nurtured a festive and holiday season. Many people in board shorts and singlets or T shirts had walked past this restaurant, about half way down the main road leading to the marina, beach and harbour. Addy's was not difficult to find but there was almost no vehicle parking space left.   We found a back lot, an assigned parking area that was behind the restaurant and from which we strolled through grass and  past a knobbed and dried up tree.

Brioche and Parmesan battered pork cutlet with chips, condiments and a really yummy sauce

We were given a choice of seating - and I really loved the window bay table.  Passers-by were casually walking outside and stopping to look at a pasted up notice of a missing tabby.  I was thrilled when Scott mentioned about the practice of putting a red in the fridge around twenty minutes before consuming, especially in the hot season - and when we and no opportunity for this, we went for the choice of putting ice cubes in our wine glasses.  It really did taste better and more refreshing with this ice cubed wine - not conventional, but readily effective and so much fun.  When I asked the reason why pork at restaurants were not given an option of requested medium or rare  in cooking preference, I learnt why from Scott, about the challenges of pork grilling and why chefs are given the liberty of roasting it at their discretion.  The risk of undercooked pork, or even chicken, can cause real problems for an operating business.  My lamb was served the way I liked it, medium rare, retaining the juices, the tenderness and the flavours. I was however more impressed about the pork cutlets - I reckon Addy's has something good going there.  Their sauce for the chips is also worth trying.

Victorian lamb roasted medium rare

Seafood permeates the Addy's menu but on this occasion, we only had the scallops, offered on the shell.  I enjoyed the selections on the tasting plate, we only had the smaller version but that was good enough as an appetiser - with smoked salmon, mixed olives, Greek fetta, two sizeable pieces of garlic bread and cacciatore sausage.  Service was friendly and made us comfy on a chill out Saturday arvo.   We chatted about kayaking and paddling on Lake Illawarra, about young four legged Alfie (whom I absolutely adore) and matters which took me away from my weekday regime.   The chatter from the main parts of the dining room suddenly dived into a silence-  and we realised with amazement that it was already hurtling in time towards 3 pm. We were too full for dessert, but I already was more than satisfied with a mellow feeling, when we finally got out of Addy's, after a cuppa.


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