Dawn at Diggies, North Gong Beach, NSW

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630am, on a Friday, is when there is a zen-like calm on North Gong Beach's Diggies Cafe and Restaurant. However, outside, as spring progresses, the sun is already up and running - and so are many nearby residents, cycling, running, power-walking, strolling or accompanying a trotting dog. As the light got more intense, the Tasman Sea remained steady. The staff at Diggies were already ready for the day and their first customers.

Nothing is as uplifting like a good new idea. I tried the Morning Sandwich (image above), as envisaged by Diggies - made up of fresh lettuce bites, juicy tomato slices, refreshing cuts of bacon, a tangy aroma of cheese and topped up with a deep fried omelette. I already felt like I was in the middle of a weekend - and my accompanying mates did too. We all felt the presence of the wood in Diggies at this time of day more than our previous times at lunch - before the crowds arrived, we felt how the layout and accessories provided flowed well with the time and tide of the beach outside. We savoured this magical moment in time.


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