Chatswood, NSW - The Concourse on a Rainy Day

Willoughby Council has embarked on an ambitious course in providing a state of the art facility in the heart of Chatswood - not just for Council meetings, community gatherings and the Council Library, but an exquisite auditorium for performance, plenty of space for the public to stroll and function rooms for other purposes.

I had the opportunity to visit the newly opened facility on a rainy and overcast weekend. Called the Concourse, I offer my image reflections at the start of the journey for this complex, and I am sure it will show signs of appreciated use in the near future. Utilities include the new Concert Hall, Theatre, Civic Pavilion and Studio, all a part of the Performing Arts Centre on The Concourse.


Charmaine said…
You've checked this place out before me. Ash is planning to head there next week.

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