Melbourne - Lygon Lair

A lair is a hideaway, a resting place and a den - and perhaps nothing fits more on a Melbourne evening than for a casual getaway after a hard day's wheeling and dealing, than to head to Carlton and its iconic street, Lygon. Whether one speaks fluent Italian or not (a restaurant staff member said "Ni hao" to me) does not matter - all it takes is an appreciation of the good life and la dolce vita. Above, beef ala Italia.

Dolci awaits and rewards one who has finished the secondi. Above a selection of favourite sugar fillers - tiramisu (foreground) , lemon tart and a half eaten chocolate-laden cannoli. All desserts from the Brunetti Cafe.

Above, Dave, Sonja and Shane (left to right).

Below, Kev, Dave and Sonja (left to right) with their unique paper bags containing served spaghetti marinara, a signature dish of the Little Lygon. Bon appetit!

(Above image credit - Shane Campbell)

Above and below, impressions from the Brunetti Cafe along Faraday Street in Carlton on a Monday evening in a photograph from the past.  Please note that Brunetti has moved kits Carlton premises to 380 Lygon Street. 

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