Domestic Bliss

Flowering kumquat plant growing on side yard

Kallipillay berries with leaves used to flavour South Indian curries

Weekend easy brunch of prawn curry garnished with okra, tomato slices and egg enhanced with Pete's chili garnish from the Shoalhaven and King Dairy Island vanilla bean yoghurt. Finished up with muscat grapes in season.

Wall climbing plant with aromatic leaves utilised in Straits Chinese cuisine


Charmaine said…
That climbing plant with aromatic leaves will be good for otak-otak. Do you know if it freezes well?
Kin Yuen said…
Not too sure if it freezes well. I have always just used it fresh.
My Carlingford cousin may have stored it in the freezer. This daun gaduh is also used for ulam, ikan perut and of course the otak otak. Let me know when you require some of these for some dish. I just harvested the present crop this morning for my Carlingford cousin.