As Time Moves On

It was heartening to see the mates who gathered around at the Collegians that evening. Karl was on the cusp of commencing training at the Goulburn Academy. I
recognised impressive Jake and was introduced to a smiling Michael. I chatted with Evie and Samantha asked me if I recalled her working in a nearby department a year ago at the office. I talked with both Daniels when we had our mains. The first Daniel works in a coal mine in Appin, and he looks fit for a twenty year old adjusting into a culture that is more middle aged in current demographics. The second Daniel studied in university, with dreams and plans to get into the financial and corporate world. Later Mick joined us fro drinks and dessert.

Oh yes, the march of time, the changing of the seasons and the progress of a career all stride out, irregardless of momentary obstacles, comfort zones and the schedules of mankind. There was an old tune called Seasons In The Sun with lyrics that made an impact on an impressionable me. When opportunity strikes , one grabs it. We are expected to rise up to the occasion in different stage of the life cycle. The ritual repeats itself for different generations, year after year. In such practices, society takes comfort in continuity and growth. In such marking of life's passages, the self takes cognizance in fulfilling destiny and ambitions. The boy who leaves home returns as a man. The girl who chooses love - whether for career or husband - returns as a role model for others to follow.

Going across the passage is as exciting as savouring the sojourn into the unknown. Tales are weaved of such times. Whatever we call it, parents and siblings feel the flutter of change and letting go on such occasions. Then all savour the brief reunions, the transformation into some thing we both anticipate and yet cannot imagine. Call it adventure, college, starting a new job or business, the crossing over the threshold is as joyous and mixed with other emotions as the bridegroom traditionally carrying the bride into a newly set-up home. I salute you, Karl, in your new path and thank you for being a friend.