West Juliett Marrickville NSW

Olive oil used to scramble eggs.   Well trained staff, with a good demeanour, approaching and chatting with customers.   Sited on a not so noisy corner of an otherwise busy suburb. 
Everyone gets a boisterous hello on entering through a sort of automated closing door for an entrance.   A semi-industrail interior with no frills, but more than balanced with the warmth inside and of the staff.     Bar drinks are labelled "Medicine". 

I say do check this out for the wonderful difference in food and experience.     It is not just another modern Australian brunch, lunch and breakfast place  - it shows delightful touches of Greek, fusion and creativity.   Efficient delivery after you order.   You can sit by the windows and watch a certain corner of Marrickville go by.   If you choose outdoor pavement tables, you realise that the area is rather residential, which some firmly say is more Enmore than Marrick's.

Salted caramel (left) and peanut crunch (right) cookies.

The  cookies were what I was tipped to try or take home.  I would describe my first bite as gratifying - intense , condensed richness.  Yet not oily, not crumbly.    They had wonderful texture.   The salted caramel was not over powering but just right.  The peanut crunchiness was addictive.    There are vibes to me that West Juliett can be like a confluence of old and new school, the best of tradition and the adventure of the new.   I say the biscuits echo this perspective.                     

Generous serves of cakes - to be shared for the joy, wholesomeness and flavour.

The cakes more than met my expectations, full bodied, with a texture that gave a mellow comfy feeling on the palate and delightfully topped by pistachios, orange rinds, walnuts and carefully presented enhancers.    Perfect for an elegant afternoon tea in your garden or pergola.  The cream was only an adjunct to the main star - the cake itself.  

Pickled onions and fresh herbal picks accompany the olive oil soft scrambled eggs, Sorrel, Fennel, Yoghurt and smoked salmon.

Least to say,  I had a most refreshingly uplifting scrambled eggs, not just because of its presentation, but more so due to the light extra fluffiness of the egg mixture.  

Fruits, herbs, well braised meats and Mediterranean ingredients.   Nuts, grains, Jersey milk, pastries and avocado.  The healthy concept is not flagged in your face but gently folded into creative dishes.   A hub that attracts a gathering, away from the city centre but not too far away.    The wait staff smile with a sincerity and that adds a bonus to the already good menu. A great place for a developing date.  The first thought to bring your kids or Nanna.   Darling doggies would not mind waiting on the spacious pavements.

Do consider going at less obvious meal times, if you can, on weekends.

West Juliett  is located at  30 Llywellyn Street, at the corner with Juliett Street in Marrickville, NSW.  
Opening hours are from 7am to 4pm every day except Sundays; on Sundays from 8am to 4pm.
Contact + 61 2 9519 0101

My impressions of West Juliett in Marrickville NSW:
Ambiance: 3 out of 5

Customer Engagement:  4 out of 5
Culinary Delight: 3.5 out of 5
X Factor:  3 out of 5
Overall:   13.5 /4 out of 5

Recommended Menu Choices:
Long hour braised pork or chicken.
Caraway, Kasseri, burnt onions and mushroom on toast.
Salt caramel cookies.
Spelt olive oil pumpkin bread.

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