Pishon Patisserie and Cake Cafe, District Dining, Chatswood NSW

Mango pretty.

Tea and walnut cakes. Churros and green tea latte.  Recently available, tiramisu and two coconut flavours, with mango and strawberry.  Hot chocolate.   Dainty cups and pretty presentation. Breads, cookies and sandwiches. A chocolate Kipferl, echoing of German Nanas baking in the home kitchen when you visit, with aromas of almonds and vanilla.  A black sesame doughnut.  A mango and raspberry juice blend.  A niche of fusion between East and West, but mainly contemporary Korean.  Aussie fruits and ingredients.  Euro baking perspectives.  A Korean corner in multi-cultural Sydney.

We could watch the world nearby go by, people of all ages and demographics, passing by the side glass window.  Most of them were transiting from the trains or on their way to the nearby supermarket.  It was late in the evening, but many in the crowd were relaxed and seemed to be just starting the night.  A good gathering area for coffee and cakes.  In a cafe that opens early, the whole day and closes late.  This is Pishon, a name inspired by the Hebrew to emphasise peacefulness and grace.

The three of us adults, together with smiling Alyssa, looked at the cafe's display, after dinner.  We then settled for what could be Pishon's signature - a delicate, beautiful creation with small squares of watermelon settled on a heart shaped base, which in turn is placed on top of the cake proper - the miniature Rose-watermelon.  Looking like it came out from an anime scene, it is daintily wrapped , can be challenging to cut but comes out well with a rose scented aroma.   The deja vu moment with this, when I first tried it, was to compare with Christopher The's signature watermelon-strawberry delight at the Black Star Pastry.   Different but related, both a must try.

The miniature cake - Rose-watermelon.

The trio-coloured Gateau-Mocha slices are captivating - that also is the name of an anime character!
When one bites onto them, it is into sponge cake that is reached, perhaps a tad disappointing to me, as a more solid build would better infuse the template with the coffee or chocolate taste.  They do however look good, sophisticated and petite.

For more wholesome snacks, I eyed the tuna omelette and the bacon tomato walnut rolled sandwich.  Walnuts in my bread, what an idea, for texture crunchiness to complement the usual breakfast insides.
Whole cakes can be ordered on line and picked up, like the uniquely designed Dalmation (yes white with spots) and the classic fresh cream cake.

Next visit, I shall try some items I have been curious about - the sliced potato cake, using an ingredient that takes a high place of traditional culinary pride in Korean culture; a cuppa of coffee with a twist, in the green tea latte; a garlic cookie;  the chestnut Manju or Japanese steamed cake; and the yoghurt cheesecake.  I am more agreeable with the food than the coffee here, but hey maybe the blends served can be an acquired preference...

The Pishon Cafe is located at Shop 54, 432 Victoria Avenue in the District Dining above Chatswood NSW rail station in the northern Sydney area.

Opening hours for the District Dining venue for Pishon are 7am to 9pm everyday, except on Sundays, when it is open from 9am to 9pm.
Contact +61 8540 2412

The Pishon has a patisserie and cake outletat 77 Rowe Street, Eastwood NSW and a warehouse at 57 Hunter Street, Hornsby NSW.   It offers franchises and also does supply catering.

Pishon Patisserie & Cake Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pishon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoPishon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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