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Cannoli filled with ricotta goodness.

The Illawarra suburbs of Fairy Meadow, Balgownie and Mount Ousley combine to form a hub of Australians with a strong Italian background.   It is therefore no surprise to notice several Italian related icons when strolling around the main strip of Fairy Meadow - especially near the Fraternity Club, Leisure Coast Markets and the Costa Azzura Restaurant.  Earlier this year, a gem of a patiscceria, Massimo Papa, opened its doors at the back of an unassuming house beside the Coles Complex.  Walk into the driveway and there is a modern commercial building housing displays of row after row of beautifully made pastry, cakes, gelato,  savoury items and biscuits.  For me it was like walking into a cave of craftily made delights, many choices and with an Euro feel.

Address: 130 Princes Highway
Fairy Meadow NSW 2519
Landline: 612 4285 6353
Open every day, from around 7am to 5pm on weekdays and 8am to 3pm on weekends.

A selection of flaky pastry, pistachio nut encrusted biscotti and doughnuts.

I recommend three particular offerings at Massimo Papa's. 

The first is the Cannoli in either the ricotta or chocolate creamy filling options, and may I say, with the smaller serves if you are just having a cuppa and eat there for morning or afternoon sessions, as you have to save space for the other delicacies!  The tube  shaped pastry of fried pastry dough does come fist sized as well, reminiscent of those found in Piana degli Albanesi near Palermo in Sicily.

The second I propose you try are the flavourful, well textured and shell shaped  Sfogliatelle  (also in picture above).  The pastry here is rich but rewarding - and wait for what is inside!  Its look outside is meant to echo stacked leaves and this is a speciality from Napoli and Campania province.  Lard, butter, shortening or magazine are utilised to brush the pastry.  Fillings can range from almond paste to ricotta.

The pick me up Tiramisu is available in an individual serve, completely seducing me with its liquor, creaminess and seductive lure.   The quality of the Mascarpone cheese is evident, with the attractive dark chocolate log lying on top of the captivating creation.

The quintessential Tiramisu provides a contrast against the almond flavoured  Ricciarelli.

The coffee is Molinari, the staff are friendly and the place gets real busy on weekends.  Massimo Papa's is open everyday from early morning till late arvo.  Vehicle parking can be a challenge for there are only three spots in front of the cafe bakery - and many a visitor just do the take away and leave.  If you are settling in down, it is best to park along the side road facing the Fraternity, although there are efforts to allow Massimo's customers also park in the immediate neighbour's.

The pretty and tasty fare that Massimo's provides remind me of Papa's in Haberfield, that other hub of Italian lifestyle in this greater Sydney region.  I understand that Massimo also had experience in that other Papa's before opening on his own accord in the Wollongong area.  There are also savoury options apart from the obvious sweet versions.  It is interesting, like in Haberfield, that many family groups come to Massimo Papa's.  There is more indoor than outdoor seating.  The staff are helpful, even offering water to a thirsty pooch I had with me one hot arvo. So are you convinced - we do not have to wait until it is Christmas to drop by this place!

A cup of hazelnut gelato goodness.

Molinari blend coffee with a snack of fruit tart.

The first initial flavour offerings in June 2015.


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