A Post LKY Singapore

Singapore was an idea, but now a reality based on conservative caution and over whelming preparedness for its continuing future.

Singapore is a country very conscious of the fates of nations in the past, calculates its risks at all levels, harnesses the power of the human potential and fully acknowledges the vagaries and timing of opportunities arising and lost.  The government and economy has delivered but they both take no rest in taking things for granted.  Singapore's intelligentsia is passionate about the interplay of forces, changing politics, alignment of key factors and the means to survive and prosper.  It is a nation that has worked with very limited physical resources and utilises disadvantages to empower and lead.

Singapore's history has been powerfully influenced by both the positive and negative interactions of various cultures, religions and races.  It strongly monitors the continuing outcomes of such key factors around the world, seriously learns from how empires and small city states have reacted to such challenges and provides perhaps the best of both so-called Western and Eastern thinking on such  powerful factors.

Singapore does not take any thing for granted. Its leaders, socio-economic mechanisms and mindset are ready for what ifs and scenarios beyond tomorrow.  The country takes its inheritance profoundly but also try to be innovative for the various sets of scenarios the nation may face.  As it has suffered the hunger of true limitations, it also displays a talent for over coming them. It believes in aligning with positive players, technology and potential possibilities. At the same time, it has one of the world's best business continuity plans, at both macro and micro levels.  Underlying all this is the increasing agenda to be flexible to capture the best, have the best and provide for the best.

Its very beginnings as  hub, as a broker and as a lighthouse on the trading sea routes of the world provide  very strong clues about Singapore.  Communications, in the broadest sense of the word, is a key pillar in its growth, competitiveness and attractiveness.  Singapore is an entity that does not believe on dependency but on a building up ability on its own reliability and ability to influence. It is passionate on the power of strategic thinking, ability to translate these into workable plans and maintain non-negotiable key beliefs.  The current outcomes are high standards in governance, social stability and strong economic resilience.  Just as Singapore Harbour still attracts the ships of the world, its society continues to captivate immigrants with brains, money and personal abilities.

So what are the primary challenges for Singapore in the next 50 years?

1.   How will it optimally manage the expectations of its core citizens?
2.   How shall it keep up with the changing political landscape of the major players in world politics?
3.   How can it continue to inspire its main talents?
4.   How will it best react to the changing socio-economic profiles of its surrounding neighbours?
5.   How can it grow its contribution to the new world financial order?
6.   How shall it keep its innovative edge?
7.   How will it keep relevant the role of a small city state?
8.   How shall it best protect its interests with ground breaking technology?
9.   How shall it transform its government to suit future demands?
10. How shall it keep the best features from the past 50 years?


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