Sushi Studio, Neutral Bay - Sydney

Marinated grilled squid - highly recommended.

Sited in the hub of Nippon cuisine in Sydney's lower north shore, Sushi Studio emphasises on Nigiri, but what I discovered was the variety of other creative dishes from a multitude offered in an extensive menu.  I reckon their interesting speciality is rather in the small but creative snack dishes that one may not find sufficient eaten on their own, but stand up to promote diversity and delectable experiences for the palate when shared.  So when a group of five was organised, I jumped dot to the opportunity on a rather busy Friday evening, populated by revellers across pubs, trendy cafes and ethnic restaurants. Sushi Studio has also made available a sake tasting degustation.  The place was recommended by a restaurant co-owner from Bondi Junction, the other significant hub of Japanese residents in the greater Sydney area.

Dengaku eggplant with a twist, savoury sauce and miniature tofu squares.

Grilled salmon head, could be more crunchy.  We did not try the Kingfish Kama Yaki.

Wagyu beef and eel are both served in rolls and you must try the seafood carpaccio.
The sake list includes Otokoyama from Hokkaido, Hakkaizan from Niigata and the Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori.  For four persons or more, you can consider the banquet  with teriyaki, crisp prawn and calamari tempura, Agedashi Tofu, gyoza dumplings and sashimi, amongst other items.    Sushi here reflects the season and attention to quality, especially with the Norimaki variety of thin rolled sushi.  I also noted a plate of An-Mitsu, with fresh fruits and agar jelly accompanying macha ice cream garnished with red bean mash, all bathed in brown sugar syrup.

Scallops entree.

Zucchini flowers deep fried in batter - texture, taste and temptation.

I found the sushi and sashimi above average in delivery, with a freshness in the ingredients that evening.  Ouichi mentioned about appreciating rice made Japanese style for itself, before being taken with other food or sauces.  I reckon my group cleaned up around six standard bowls of steamed rice that evening! With streamlined wooden floors, most tables were for couples but could be joined for group diners.  When my group was dining, there was a sizeable number of Japanese background guests as well.   Service was friendly and efficient.  The macha ice cream dessert Charles and I had  (the others opted out) this topping of yummy red bean mash, which was one of the best I have come across.   Menu items were also put on wall posted boards as well on hard copy.   Vehicle parking Space in Neutral Bay on such evenings is not surprisingly hard to find, so an early start may help.
Sushi Studio is closed on Tuesdays, otherwise only open for dinner.

Stir fried marinated pork.

Asparagus served - a delicate balance.

I reckon we spotted Head Chef Taka Ueda at the helm of the evening activity.  We strolled around after dinner and checked out the location of the Koh-Ya restaurant specialising in yakiniku. We stood on Young Street and saw the place, part of a group that includes the Rengaya and Suminoya in Sydney CBD.

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