Melbourne Vignettes - Summer 2015

Wall mural and graffiti along small lanes have become an iconic symbol of the Melbourne city landscape.

Early opening for this cafe, so after a long day in the evening - baristas, bars and brunches are innovative in Melbourne.

Southern section of Hardware Lane.

Greek and modern Australian fusion with imagination at Jimmy Grant's (here at the Emporium)

South Indian roti canai finds a new home along Lonsdale Street.

My fav Greek restaurant in Melbourne - Tsindos.

St Francis Church, now surrounded by modern trappings.

Yum cha at a Gold Leaf restaurant outlet in suburban Burwood - braised chicken feet (Fong Chau) , battered yam (Wu Kok) and Siew Mai (steamed prawn and pork dumpling).  Chinese name references are in the Cantonese language.  Photo credit - Ms Suan Chee.

At dawn, overlooking the Southern Cross Station

The inner sanctum of the restored Melbourne GPO, which now houses an H & M store.

Quickie - poached organic eggs over tasted sourdough at Stagger Lee's, Fitzroy.

Above: John Wesley is honoured at Lonsdale Street.
Below: Starter breads at French in South Yarra/Toorak.

Mainland Chinese cuisine has cropped up increasingly all over Australia - here in suburban Melbourne, a very yummy braised pork knuckle 

Melbourne continues to be hipster, multi-cultural, bohemian and so liveable.


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