Sydney Harbour Revisited - Summer begins

It is more than just the Opera House - it is the sky, the water, the colours and the mood.

Classic, iconic and breath taking - but this is just commuting from office back home on a  summery evening.

Yachting - training, idling or just soaking in the surroundings.

Commercial, commuter or convenience  -  perhaps the best way to see Sydney from the ocean.

Youth on the cusp of possibilities.

On a fair twilight with a light breeze, you reflect on what humankind has wrought.  Icons of maritime trading, refined architecture and adventurous imagination, perhaps burying the realities of harsh colonialism,  human persistence and a splendid past isolation.  Our hearts and senses relax in such magical moments when the sun has set, when past is past, the future is not seen and we are with the present moment.

Bennelong Point, named after the first recorded Indigenous Australian to visit Britain.   

Gateway to making or spending money, Circular Quay beams with more than just glitter, for it resonates with a million personal stories of ambition, drudgery and striving.

Whether of solid sandstone, placid waters or shimmering lights, Sydney welcomes you from near and far, with a gentle embrace into the night.


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