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Wollongong NSW Cuisine - My Top Ten

If ever you and loved ones are down for an easy weekend in the greater Wollongong area, here are my recommendations in no particular order of preference, for consideration in terms of specific dishes, cuppas or snacks as you all enjoy the outdoors, scenic views and unique haunts that can be yours.

1. Marinated chicken wraps: Moon Sushi's, Woonona.  Just one bite and you are hooked.
It is the mix of flavours, the texture of ingredients and the quality of the chicken.  Restaurant along the Princes Highway.  Packed even on week nights, also try the dinner bentos.
Cuisine - Korean.  Recommendation - Entree

2. Grilled Barramundi: Bally Hotel, Balgownie.   Luscious gravy sauce, fresh seafood aromas and perfectly grilled.  Down with beer, chat and merry making with mates and family in renovated surroundings.  Sited up a hill and views dominated by the escarpment.  If you have time, stroll to Grazia's Butcher, Bill & James Cafe, Il Nido Italian and the best apple pie at the Vietnamese-French styled bakery.
Cuisine - Modern Australian.  Recommendation - Main Course.

3. Roast Pork Roll:  Sam's Crusty Bread, Corrimal.  Cantonese styled roast pork with crackle is interspersed with traditional Vietnam styled fresh herbs and a tasty drizzle of sauces.  Located near Luke's Place and along the Princes Highway strip. Open every day!  Say hi to friendly Grandma.
Cuisine - Vietnamese. Recommendation - Bite on the go.

4. Spaghetti Vongole:  Cucina Nostro, Wollongong CBD.  Not an easy dish to create, especially in the handling of the shells, the washing away of the girt without throwing out the natural flavours.  Not far from the Adina along Corrimal Street junction with Market Street.  Just the right touch of light gravy and al dente pasta.
Cuisine - Italian.   Recommendation - Night out with the Gals or Boys!

Treat your palate to this at Cucina Nostro.

5. Pork Bun:  Dagwood, near corner of Market and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong CBD.  With strong hints of menus from Ms. Chu's in greater Sydney.   Not your traditional yum cha steamed bun, but an Aussie born cross over of cultures.  Good with beer. A conversation starter, a light uplifter to your palate.
Cuisine - Fusion.  Recommendation - Lazy Sunday arvo snack.

An idea from Dagwood  - Balmain bugs with bacon and greens, with my fav pork buns

6. Fish and Chips: Levendi's, Wollongong Harbour.  Casual, relaxed and with views.  Feel the wind in your face as you bite into the fresh and yummy insides with a crusty batter outside.  Queues in summer, views of Wollongong Harbour. At light house end of Cliff Road and watch the fishing boats come in or at anchor.  After this, head for the grassy slopes with cannons and more.
Cuisine - Seafood.  Recommendation - Lunch on the go.

7. Unforgettable Coffee: Hevan Espresso, Corrimal. Opposite the Corrimal Park Mall with Coles, absorb yourself in the inner wall mural whilst you struggle to decide between a Green Growler health shot or the freshly baked white choc raspberry muffin to take away. Chat with Evan, Renee or Henry!
Cuisine - New wave Australian inspired  espresso.  Recommendation - Quick stop.

Evolving, exciting, exhilarating -  Hevan Espresso.

8. Black Pudding with Eggs on Sourdough: Flanagan's Dining Room, Flanagans Road, near Thirroul Beach Surf Club.  Walk into a retro place with sea side memories, interesting menu and few tables.   Get your bare feet in the sand, watch surfers and enjoy trendy creations.
Cuisine - Modern Australian.  recommendation - Breakfast or Brunch.

Weekend mornings have delightfully changed for me at Flanagan's.

9. Curry Laksa:  Nan Tien Temple Teahouse,  Berkeley.  On street level, after you go around the sizeable complex climbing stairs, reading sayings of the Chief Abode and mediating fresh in the two main prayer halls.  After a meal, walk around the lotus garden pond, or venture uphill to a large bell.
The pull of this vegetarian laksa is the soup!
Cuisine - Chinese Malaysian, Taiwanese vegetarian.  Recommendation - Lunch.

Gratifying and flavoursome -  laksa amidst landscaped grounds at Nan Tien.

10.  Dirty Dog Burger:  His Boy Elroy, Wollongong CBD.  Cool place, friendly staff, hidden away on a side lane off Crown Street Mall.  A break between shopping or a night out in town! Dirty Dog comes with ransky, Tex Mex salsa, red cheesed, honey mustard mayo and pulled pork.  Down the dog with a beer or cappuccino, sit on wooden settings of different types.  The menu has salads, curries and other burgers.
Cuisine - Fusion American Australian.  Recommendation - Anytime.

Dish availability is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.
The DBB from His Boy Elroy.


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