Australia My Defining Moments First 25 Years: 15 September

I look forward to more....and below in no particular order, for the past.

My Australia 25 Years: Most Defining Matters I Wish Australia Has: Less Political Short Sightedness; Faster Wifi Speeds; Better Pay for Teachers; More Shared Australian Values; Less Emphasis on Gambling and Alcohol in Sport; More Late Night Shopping; Improved Infrastructure; Economic Innovation; Better truing and Developing Australian Youth; A More Assertive Independent Australian Stand on the International Stage; and better utilising the advantages of our rather remote location in the world.

Defining Moments in Weekend Markets - Kiama Seaside, Eveleigh Street Farmers Markets in Redfern Sydney.

Defining Moments in Party Gathering Fun, Chill Out and Creativity - the Curry Cook Off from Danielle, Shane Campbell and their girls, plus get togethers from the Teoh Family.

Defining Moments in Creative Expression - South Australian Museum in Adelaide, with the  world's largest collection of indigenous artifacts; Stage production of the Jersey Boys; and the one person dramatisation of the Straits Chinese play "Emily of Emerald Hill" in Wollongong.

Defining Moments best  after a long day at work - Always Welcomed by the Campbell Family of Woonona NSW for a yummy home dinner.

Defining Moments in House Renovations Made - Pergolas Built.

Defining Moments in  Gardening – The magical sprouting of the Paw Paw Plant in the Back Yard.

Defining Moments in what Australia has Most Taught Me - Volunteerism, Travel and Gratefulness.

Defining Moments in Unconditional Friendship and Love - All the Doggies I have Come Across, with some I am fortunate to hug and know better.

Defining Moments in Reunions - Being able to get back to Penang Island for the Lunar New Year Festivities and getting to stay with the Yeaps when I can in Melbourne.

Defining Moments in Best Airline Experiences -  The consistent quality of and engaging customer service provided by Singapore Airlines - sorry Qantas!

Defining Moments in What I have Taken For Granted about Australia - the quality of water, trendy progressive cuisine scene, the mostly blue sky, relative freedom of expression, untainted food supply and quiet of evenings in most suburbs.

Defining Moments in the Australian Economy  - 2013, when the AUD was above parity with the USD and the inter-bank interest rate was 2.5%p.a., lowest as in many years.

Defining Moments in Electrifying Sports - Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, thanks to Darrin Eager and Andrew Mulligan.

Defining Moments in Liberating Sun Sea and Surf - the Illawarra Coast! No parking fees, great coffee and modern Aussie trendy food, beaut colours, no fuss locals.

Defining Moments in Home Meals - many weekend dinners or lunches made by Susan Chan and family.

Defining Moments in Cuisine Country - Orange NSW thanks to Charmaine Wan and family.

Defining Moments in Getting Out of the Comfort Zone - Aerial Rope Walking, State Sports Centre, Berry NSW.

Defining Moments in Being Australian - Sydney Olympics 2000.

Defining Moments in Getaway Holiday - Tasmanian drive around, week after Christmas and sort of back packing through the length of Vietnam for two weeks.

Defining Moments in Religious Tones - Inside the Orthodox Church, Canberra, near the Australian Parliament House.

Defining Moments in Another Time , Another Place - Ambiance of Kangaroo Island near Adelaide, Dawn in Goulburn Valley NSW in winter.

Defining Moments in a City - Soaking In a Melbourne lane way.

Defining Moments on Media - Q &A, Dateline, Four Corners and Insight - excellence in  investigative journalism and public affairs discussion.

Defining Moments in Jumping Out of Bed in Australia - I Can Shape Each Day in Various Multicultural Environments by spending time in Different Suburbs, with inspiring individuals I am fortunate to know or in contrasting climates and geographic landscapes.


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