Pasta Emilia - at the Eveleigh Street Farmers Markets - Redfern, Sydney

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There are tortellis, the most striking of which to me are those with duck and truffle fillings; that with porcini mushrooms; and the combinations of pumpkin and Morstada.  I am not so much a fan of ravioli and lasagne, but the range of tortelli is diverse and unique here that I was immediately drawn to the stall of Pasta Emilia at the Eveleigh Street Farmers markets in Redfern, inner Sydney CBD,   This offers a glimpse into not only spelt and gluten free freshly made pasta, but also into sauces like Noce Blu and truffle cream and the granishing of Sicilian marinated olives.

The pans were out in front of me and the creativity of making delicate tortelli was displayed for me, meshed in with engaging conversation by the two hipster guys manning the markets outlet.  My eyes also wandered around the ingredients, cooked stuff and jars of sauces surrounding them.  Everything had quality and hints of being lovingly made.  It was  still a cool winter's day and we all appreciated the warmth of watching fresh cooking and skillful deft hands putting in the right amounts and flavours.  The gravy topping up the pasta was subtle and tasty.   Fresh ground pepper took this dish to another dimension on my palate.

So at the markets, I did have my tortelli, wonderfully made by a friendly smiling guy who showed commitment to the product.  Back at the home base restaurant, at 259 Riley Street (with corner to Reservoir) in Surry Hills, you can have tortelli as dolci.  The place is also open for both breakfast and brunch on weekends.  So I reckon one should not confine one's self to the Eveleigh Street Farmers markets for this unique taste and experience of Pasta Emilia.  There I have earmarked some delights I must try:
beetroot and chevre tortelli served with tossed kale & drizzled with salsa verde; Crostata with ice cream; and caprese made with tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella.  By arrangement, there are also on offer classes in cheese making, nutrition and of course, pasta.   Italia at its very core, best and spirit!


chocolatesuze said…
love pasta emilia, everything is so fresh and delicious!

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