Cured Salmon and Pecan Nut Apple Salad

A squeeze of orange, lemon and lime. Sprinkle a measure of granular salt.  Select carefully the portion of the salmon belly, for each niche part of the exquisite fish is delicate, unusual, different and unique in taste.  The art of curing, enhancement and delicacy is surely an art that echoes not he experience, patience and intuitiveness of the chef.

Granny Smith green apple cuts are transformed to gently accompany  the elegant seafood. Oh wait, there is magic......
the caramelised pecan nuts - from half a minute heat up on a flat pan with sugar for the pecan nuts and then cooled down on lined paper tray.  Hey, there are also Pink Lady apple cubes.  And the whole presentation is enhanced with basil leaf.

Nothing like lovingly prepared food, deft of skill and attention to details.  The cut of the salmon, from which portion of the delightful fish and how its stands after being cured, all add to the finesse.   The person fortunate enough to partake in the fruits of such a process has his or her eyes and mindset opened.  Combining the subtleties and sensations of quality ingredients with compatible and contrasting outcomes on the palate. I could allow the sourness go submerged under the savoury and the texture of flavours from the seas. I recognised the citrus undertones of produce of the Earth, a result of sunshine, good soil and lots of water during growth.  Add to this the whiff of refreshingly green herbal aromas.  There was no overall sweetness, just a satisfying gratefulness of the appetite being teased, restored and fulfilled.  What an entree, what a way to start a meal.