My Favourite Dishes

For My Breakfast
French toast - from student days
Masala dosa - from Madras
Croissants and bagels - French

Morning break
Goi cuon - spring rolls from Hanoi
Parma ham - snack bites from anywhere in Italy

Fettuccini marinara - subtle with juices and produce of the sea - form Napoli
Char Siew So - baked pastry with roast pork inside - from Guangzhou
Seafood paella - soft and flavourful rice topped with fresh produce of the sea - from Espanol
Fish curry - Mum's Straits Chinese version
Fish and chips - from the Illawara coast NSW
Grilled unagi- delicately marinated eel slices - Japan
Pho - rice noodles in a soup with stock - Vietnam
Kam Pin Fan - mung bean noodles stir mixed dry with seafood and a pork lard based sauce - from Cambodia and Vietnam

Hokey pokey ice cream on a cone - New Zealand

High tea
Homok or otak otak - steamed fish and egg mousse, wrapped in banana leaves - from Thailand or Penang
Lobak - pork cuts wrapped in soya based warp and the deep died, served with cucumber slices and a zesty dipping sauce - from Mum
Assam laksa - healthy veg cuts served with rice noodles and swirling in a tamarind based soup - from Penang
Spring rolls - any time anywhere bite on the go, better with shrimp and pork inside, but I also love the vegetarian version - from anywhere in South east Asia, Asian outlets (in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and the USA) and southern China

Lobster with vermicelli in braised earthen pot - Cantonese speciality to be shared in a table of ten - from any good Chinese restaurant
Beijing duck with wraps - from Melbourne
Suckling pig - Spanish style
Singapore chili or pepper crab - with sauces, humidity and friends


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