Georgetown, Penang - More Iconic Foods

A baked delicacy, the tau snah pneah, with aromatic pastry, pound bean filling and with Fujian traditions.

Lonely Planet earlier this year declared the current top food destination in the world as in Georgetown, Penang, followed by Victoria State in Australia.  Enjoy...

Fish curry, with garnishing of okra, tomatoes and Indian monsoon winds

Glutinous rice, with southern Chinese sausages, shallots and preserved duck, a dish for winter.  Fong Wei Chinese Restaurant, Georgetown.

The Bee Kueh Moy, swirling with fresh coconut milk and red beans, in a marriage of the Chinese and Malay cuisines.

Red curry, with chicken and potatoes, echoing of Indian, Portuguese, Dutch and Indonesian traditions.

Thai homok or Straits Chinese otak otak, served cleverly in a deep fried spring roll wrap.

A classic and iconic Straits Chinese pickle, the acar.  It requires deft cutting of vegetables, flavourful combinations and a sprinkling of sesame seeds or crushed peanuts. Photo taken at Aunty Yong's, Island Glades.

Mamak (Indian Muslim) roti canai, freshly made and cooked - Transfer Road, Georgetown.

Tamarind based laksa, with rice noodles, lots of greens and a sharp sour soup base.  Balik Pulau Markets west of Georgetown.  Not to be confused with the curry laksa.

A condiment to savour with dishes - the shrimp and pound chill based sambal.

To finish off  a meal - longans in jelly.


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