Georgetown, Penang - Iconic Food

Mee goreng - South Indian flavours with a twist of lime and crunchy garnishing.

Cendol green bits in a cooling concoction. Milky lolly from Malacca beside the glass.

Lamb skewered satay - tender, moist and spicy. Highly recommended.

A Penang high tea to survive the humid afternoons outside - scones, pies and sandwiches.

Choon pniah - Fujian snacks with thinly cut vegetables and bits of pork.

Penang curry mee - unique to the island, different from curry laksa, with condiments such as well pound chili, coagulated pig's blood and tofu puffs.

Cantonese steamed dumplings with salmon roe for toppings.

Penang char koay teow - a dish to dream about, crave for and travel to. Served on banana leaf, it has bean sprouts, slices of Chinese sausage, prawns off the shell, garlic, pork fat and shallots.

Musang King durian - love or hate it, drink water from the emptied shells after consuming the custard like fruit, which can smell like bad or aromatic like heaven.

A Chinese twist to an  Indonesian salad, the pasembor, with crunchiness, a blend of sensations and a kick of a spicy sauce.

Grilled prawns from the barbie.

Penang lobak, pork wrapped rolls that are served with sweet chili sauce and sliced cooling cucumbers.  My fav.


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