Sydney to Canberra - Dash 4 800 - Vistas from a Window

Take off over the Sutherland Shire in the south eastern parts of the greater Sydney region, New South Wales.

Inland from the Wollongong coast, the aircraft does not go up much higher.

Over the Goulburn Valley, the Dash is already preparing to descend and the cabin crew are sent scurrying clearing up after already served drinks and snacks.

Skirting over pastures, the shadow of the Dash can be seen in the foreground, as aircraft wheels already detract and poise to land.

The Dash approaches Canberra Airport - it can be a vibrant ride, with the vibes of vibrating turbo propellers, and yet at the same time, cosy, as the plane only seats around 80 passengers.  You can embark from the front or back - and like riding in a  manually driven car, always feel close to the craft, engine and all.


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