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Tonitto can be a name variation of Antonio.It also refers to an outstanding cake shop and bakery located along the main strip in Port Kembla, NSW. I like the topography and sloping inclinations of this road - Wentworth Street. You may hear the surf from the nearby impressive sandy beach.  It is a Saturday morning, suburban and it feels like any of the coastal towns dotted around the Australian coast - but then I notice the towering chimney from the nearby steel works. Not that this breaks my fascination with the scenery, with shuttered light industrial garages, people scurrying through the wintery windy blast and a day that feels like any other. Tonitto provided me a bright spot that quiet weekend, and I eyed the napoli (left), tartuffi (upper right) and conchilge (lower right) - picture above.  The business is currently managed and operated by Laurence and Loretta Tonitto, carrying on the traditions of Vincent Tonitto, who hailed from Italy and enriched the Illawarra area with his pastry mastery.

Weddings, birthdays, high tea, religious cakes, cupcakes, croquembouche and more - Tonitto's can cater for them.  Many customers that early morning were collecting premade orders in boxes. I reckon it is worthwhile to visit the small but interesting cafe as well, sipping their coffee by the window and watching the world go by. You can  meet Laurence, with a smiling demeanour, surrounded by efficient lady staff who are engaged in what they do at the shop. Tonitto's also has a wide variety of novelty figurines and cake decoration accessories.

You can catch this hint of romance on the footpath as you approach Tonitto's from the west - an etched work of love for a lucky Sonia.  Was this as recently made in 2005?   The suggested romance is then followed up by chocolate, cream and dreams as you enter Tonitto's.

Tortes, mud cakes, biscottis, butter cakes, arancini, horseshoes, croccantini, rumballs, pastine, vienessi, cannoli, zabaglione, sospiri, pies, cheesecakes, bigne, profiteroles, canoncini - the variety available seems endless.  This can be Patisserie Paradiso.  I did not see any gelato though and I hope I am mistaken.  The shop may be relatively small, but it packs more than a punch in quality, design, imagination and love in their creations.  This is a good pit stop before or after you hit the surf nearby.

Tonitto's does make delivery of orders to Fairy Meadow, just a bit north of Wollongong CBD. However I feel it is very worthwhile to bring family and mates on a lazy day to visit the bakery itself - not on Sundays though, when it is a day of rest.


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