Orange NSW - Farmers Market

The Racine kitchen was there, offering  a variety and diversity of breads and pastries. (picture above)

Organised by the Rotary Club, the Farmers Markets are a highlight of any visit to the Orange region.  

Pumpkins and choir (above and below), sausage rolls and pies, these are a few of my favourite things.  When I am feeling sad, when I am feeling famished, I just think of such stuff and then I don;t feel so bad. When the wind blows, when I feel deprived, I soon get a warmth moving away from that.
And on to pancakes, jams and scones!

Bakery delights from the artisan bread Bakehouse chain (above and below) add to the aromatic ambiance of the markets on a nippy Saturday morning.  I love the spelt bread slices.

Apples are a primary feature of the Orange region - it does sound contradictory.  There are Royal Galas, Pink Ladies and more, but I did not see any Granny Smiths. Other stalls that caught my eye and interest were from the Abilene Grove Olive Oil run by John  and Lorraine Milla; the Budgi Werri Prunes from Cheryl Heley, Wirrimah;
Cottesbrook Honey by David and Tracey Parker of Blayney; Goldfields Honey with Jon & Vicki Lockwood of Lucknow, NSW; Jo Robson catering with bottled sauces from Canowindra; Linda’s Red Hot Chili Relish by Linda Wilson of Mudgee; Milnes of Mudgee, with caramelised balsamic & pate mousse, from Jenni Milne; Murrungundy Pistachios from Diana and Richard Barton, Elong Elong; the Original Farm vegetables, run by Jung-Chun Lai of Cowra; Ploughman's Olive Oil & Products from Peter & Shirley Michalk; and Straniero Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Anna & Sam Stranger of Canowindra.

A warehouse shed ( background in picture above) houses many of the stalls and serve as a functional community hall.  The crowd is friendly, unobtrusive and focused on enjoying the variety of produce unique to the region.  Support for local agricultural products and cooking styles is evident, not just in the several restaurants and cafes in town  and surrounding areas, but also at the Farmers Market. (held at the Orange Showground at Leeds Parade from May to October, and at the Northcourt behind the Orange Visitors Centre from November to April).  You can also register your children for cooking classes held on site.

 Honey to warm any heart (above) and raw, wholesome potatoes (below) reinforce the soul of a countryside feel.  You can also get your selections of cheese, sparkling wines, relishes, condiments, freshly laid eggs, mustards, hazelnut products and chocolates.

Scenes from central New South Wales, above and below, hark back to another time, another place in the Australian landscape.


Charmaine said…
Makes me want to visit the Orange Farmers Market again.