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Guylian Belgian Chocolate now has three cafes in Sydney CBD.  My first experience was at the outlet in the Opera Quays, along the walkway to the Opera House, a strategic location with views of the Harbour Bridge and passing sea vehicles of various kinds.  Recently I had the opportunity to check out the Darling Quarter joint, a much bigger place but with the same smiles of service and in fact more variety of offerings.  I have not yet visited the third outlet at 91 George Street at the Rocks.  Quality hazelnuts, cocoa butter and West African sourced cocoa beans underlie the Guylian product.  Above image, centre, shows the a wedding portrait of Guy and Liliane Foubert, the business founders.

The range of obvious products can be described as pralines, fruit mousses, milk choc, dark choc and truffles. For sit down meals and savoury stuff, you can have the choice of breakfast creations, waffles and pancakes, cookies, muffins, macaroons, bread snacks, salads and late night caps. There are also beef or chicken pies, plus quiche dishes.

Above, smoked salmon with capers accompany baguette slices and a choice of a lemon slice (the Belgian styled pistolets).  Below, the packaged product beautifully arranged on a shelf display. 

There are temptations like tiramisu, the poached caramel pineapple cake and 100% Pure Pleasure, which encompasses Belgian chocolate mousse with almond pannacotta and a so-called Guylian glaze.  For a couple, I recommend the chocolate degustation plate - and then get into sports gear and go for a run, together.  The plate has ice cream, chocolate, cake and dessert samplings.

One of the main aims of visiting Guylian is obviously to try the chocolate drinks, although they do serve affogatos and coffee based variations. I developed a fondness for the hazelnut praline choc milkshake
(image below).  Teas, juices, champagne, wines and iced drinks are also available.  There are wide clear windows to look out at the man made facilities just outside along the outdoor walkway, with the UTS Tower obvious and tall in the distance.

My impressions of the Guylian Cafe, at Darling Quarter in Sydney's Darling Harbour, are:

Atmosphere:  Trendy and spacious

Location:  Touristy, families and after work office people

Taste: Superb Chocolate

People Engagement:  Smiling, inviting and helpful

Service:  Friendly and quick

Best Time To Visit:  Mid-afternoons and late nights

Fav Dish Experienced: Opera Evolve

Would I Return?:  Yummy yes.


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