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An autumn's day, the air gets cooler as we climb the roads up the Blue Mountains. There is a need to nourish, to refresh, to take a stroll. Our subconscious longs for warm , aromatic and reassuring food. We find a street like out of Monet, with leaves of orange, red, brown, yellow and more. Oh yes, there is an ATM thrown in, with a line of people waiting to get some cash. The entrance may be unassuming, but our noses follow the trial of freshly baked bread, pastries and pies. Welcome to the Bakehouse on Wentworth Street, in the cosy village of Blackheath, nestled in the Blue Mountains of NSW. Above image, the chicken , leek and mushroom pie, full of flavours, rather large for lunch but with such a toasty crisp bite.

Scones (image above) fire the imagination of the life of the first European settlers, good preserves and fire place evenings.  One has a wide selection of breads, rolls and buns (shelves in background above) to consume for snacks, with a meal and for breakfasts.  The beef pie below is an illustration of the heavier gourmet pies served in this Blackheath bakery - at 320 grams, the flavours that caught my eye are those with pumpkin, fetta and lentil; beef and Guinness; and lamb with rosemary and garlic.

The choices of sweet stuff (below) can range from chocolate and marmalade tarts to those with berry and frangipan.  I was captivated by the raspberry and white chocolate tarts.  Gluten free cakes are available in orange and almond, or in flourless chocolate.

This Blackheath bakery was the first of a chain that also has outlets in the neighbouring settlements - Leura, Springwood and Glenwood.  They specialise in organic sourdough, a naturally leavened concoction of water and fermented mixture of grains.  Unique selections are organic walnut, French yeasted organic baguettes and spelt organic.

My impressions of the Bakery on Wentworth are:

Atmosphere:  Village

Location:  Calming, easy and with character.

Taste: From sweet to savoury.  Good coffee as well.

People Engagement:  Friendly

Service:  Free wifi and good mannered people.

Best Time to Visit: For brunch or afternoon tea.

Fav Dish Experienced:  Sourdough bread.

Would I Return?:  No doubt.

The ambiance outside the shop (below) add a special feel to the selections available (picture with shelved pies, rolls and pastries) in an unassuming shop with table seating in a small courtyard by the side and with a country feel for those relishing an escape from suburban and capital city living.


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