Water Dragon Year - The Vibes

The Lunar Year of the Metal Rabbit changes to that of the Water Dragon on 23 January 2012. Moving on from the significant economic, political and natural turbulences in 2011, the new period from 23 January 2012 to 2 February 2013, with Earth as its primary element, promises more business and economic opportunities, marriage celebrations and additions to family. Individuals born under the different twelve animals of the Lunar Zodiac face varying conditions with the advent of each new year, and if each person proceeds with personal determination, creativity and positive effort, one can help shape up plans for 2012 into rewarding reality.

2012 sees the Earth element and the essentially watery nature of the Lunar Dragon Year in potential conflict. Water can destroy earth, but at the same time earth requires water in optimal amounts to nurture life and growth. Suggested measures to mitigate this potentially fictitious interaction are to breed fish and create pebbled gardens.

Dragons, Monkeys and Dogs tend to be leaders. Snakes, Monkeys and Roosters are often charismatic. Boars, Monkeys and Dogs are significantly witty. Snakes, Boars and Rabbits stand out as mild tempered. Rats and Roosters are reputedly highly intuitive. The Ox is highly reliable, together with Horses and Dogs. Tigers, Horses and Dogs love challenges.

I always love to note the positive aspects of individuals and below, I have chosen selected indicative birth years for the different animal signs. Just add or minus 12 years from the indicative years to recognise your personal Lunar Year animal sign, if you cannot find your exact relevant year below. Do recognise that the Lunar New Year calendar from East Asia does not synchronise with the Gregorian solar calendar -and that lunar calendar years in this context can commence any day between January 19and February 19 of each Western calendar year.

Those born under the Lunar Year of the Dragon (1988) are noted to be knowledgeable, meticulous, independent, adventurous and ambitious. The Dragon savours comfort, festivals, wealth, antiques and concerts.

Individuals born under the Year of the Snake (1989) tend to be humorous, charming, good mannered, helpful, intelligent, practical and love mystery. The Snake likes to organise things and loves books, pets and warmth.

Persons with the Horse sign (1990) are acknowledged to be brave, influential, independent and adventurous. The Horse enjoys conversations, resolving challenges and riddles, receiving compliments and kindness.

People born under the Goat sign (1991) are said to be honest, sure-footed, hard working, artistic, innovative, faithful, elegant and caring. The Goat enjoys harmony, culture, spaciousness, literature, freedom and wit.

Those born in the Monkey Year (1980) are good planners,can endure well,charismatic, witty and attractive. The Monkey savours sunshine, cooking, travelling, humour and intrigue.

Individuals under the Rooster Year (1981) tend to be kind-hearted, intuitive, intelligent, caring, humorous and of high integrity. The Rooster appreciates Nature, casual neatness, the fresh outdoors, resolving challenges and working hard.

People with the Dog (1982) sign are loyal, honest, witty, possess strong character and tend to be decision makers. The Dog likes Nature, playfulness, routine, friendship, travelling and resolving challenges.

Individuals born under the sign of the Boar (1983) are mild tempered, intelligent, magnanimous, helpful and righteous. The Boar thrives interacting in teams, enjoying home environments, taking baths, having pets and children, receiving praise and having good health.

Persons with the Rat sign (1984) are optimistic, intelligent, helpful, self-confident, sociable, artistic and full of energy. The Rat loves trust and negotiation.

Those under the Ox year (1985) are often honest, capable, hard working, strong willed, reliable and have a strong sense of integrity. The Ox thrives in routine, organisation, tradition and sobriety.

Individuals born under the sign of the Tiger (1998) are sharp, adventurous, ambitious, courageous, passionate and highly independent. The Tiger likes new experiences, quality, surprises and is a party animal!

People under the year of the Rabbit (1999) tend to be optimistic, meticulous, kind hearted, gentle and alert. The Rabbit tends towards peace, intrigue, comfort and the arts.

By the way, I was born under the Year of the Rooster.


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