Somewhere Along The Way

A much dissatisfied looking passenger, obviously engrossed with himself, unpleasantly dismisses the prepacked salad served to him by the cabin crew,as part of his passenger entitlement on the upper deck of the Airbus A380. I had noticed that this passenger was introverted, non-communicative on most things and had an obsessive look at his computer. Was he on a work or leisurely trip? There was so much tension about him that it seemed sad. Was this his natural self, or was he contemplating a serious problem? One wanted to half break the ice with him, or just avoid him all together.

The third month of the current summer in the Wollongong area does not seem to break out of its cloudy stance and rainy episodes. As we roll into the completion of the proverbial one hundred days, I can count on less than the fingers of both hands the number of stifling hot temperature days and nights. The breezes come in as clock work latest by 3am even after the most dehydrating hours before.

Emerging evident construction of the proposed second bridge,between Penang island and mainland of Peninsular Malaysia,can be seen rising like mushrooms under water, as my commercial flight plane flew over the straits. This new link for vehicles on the south-eastern part of the island symbolises the continued changes on my home isle since I left it many years ago. Will it bring more positive, rather than negative things to the state?

I have not seen the father of my good mate Cheang for a few years now. Nor with Helen, Wendy, Julie and Yock Chuen in downtown Singapore. All of us slid easily into conversation and engagement as if we had been catching up with each other on a regular basis for years. I am still amazed in this respect.

Cosmo seemed hyperactive but interested on intent when meeting up with me for the very first time. His fur is thick, healthy and vibrant, his eyes alert and curious.
He naughtily played around the foot of the dining table as he both watched me and energetically pranced around. Finally, he came forward to whiff at my hands, as I lay on the floor at his level. What a memorable hook up in Singapore.

The acar is a well known salad in Straits Chinese cuisine which utilises the variety of crunchy and different coloured vegetables, all cut into smaller than bite size. The pieces are mixed up with a chili based condiment and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The result is often personal and unique, depending on the skills, concentration and preferences of the food preparer. Recently back in Penang Island, I had a rather satisfying version made up by my aunt Kuchai at home. It had the satisfying bite of well mixed portions of the ingredients, plus the enhancing flavours of the condiments used.


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