Masuya, Sydney CBD

The Masuya Restaurant has been a fixture of the Wynyard, Sydney scene for several years now. Every time I am there it is almost full house, abuzz with nosy diners and busy staff. Recently I had an opportunity on check it out late, around 930pm, after a delightful evening at the Opera House precinct with brother Kin On and sister-in-law Sian Kin. The three of us had a rather engaged day in Sydney CBD and Masuya was our last stop in the day's agenda. After waiting 15 minutes, we were provided a table. My best dish experience that evening were the scallops in batter (above image) and beautifully presented like a sea urchin slice.

The unagi eel was almost perfect, soft and tender to the bite, not salty and retaining the balance with sweet, savoury and grilled sensations. Sitting on a bed of optimally steamed rice and served in a lacquered box, it epitomised Japanese elegance. The fish slices had a final touch of sesame seed topping.

The Masuya is located in the basement of 12 to 14 O'Connell Street, Sydney CBD.

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