Bento at Milford, North Auckland

Fresh, almost glass-translucent slices of salmon, tuna and white fish were carefully laid out in the bentos served inside the shopping centre at Milford, on the north shore of Auckland Harbour. Rob, Doris and I chose this place for a leisurely weekday lunch. Rob pointed out there were other nearby outlets serving Japanese fare as well. Milford is sited close to the water, and reminded me of Neutral Bay in Sydney.

The tempura was gently battered and deep fried (bottom left hand corner of image above). I liked the avocado sushi but found the ones with pickled radish too salty for my taste. Service was a bit rigid in approach, but the chef did smile when you looked at him, and brought bottled water to us in a friendly way. Salad was especially fresh to the bite. Kiwi kids were with their mothers as they whiled away the early afternoon.

Above image, on the upper left, are the ubiquitous red pickles and the green Japanese mustard, the former with a sour and sharp bite, and the latter with a hot after taste on the palate if taken over the top. Both add to the kick of eating the raw sushi and sashami.


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