Green Palace Vegetarian, Newtown, NSW

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Having vegetarian can be refreshing and uplifting for me - once in a while. The concept and perception of vegetarian food can vary across a spectrum, from strict vegans, including those who consume eggs, to those who are flexible with the dishes they come up with. Asian vegetarian dishes tend to be based on tofu, as exemplified by the Indonesian tempeh, but can be resourceful in presentation and when bathed with spicy gravies and different textures. I looked forward to a sojourn at Sydney's inner city Newtown, when there was an opportunity to try out a Thai-Chinese version of vegetarian fare one weekend.

We agreed on the Green Palace Vegetarian along King Street, with its varied offerings of pseudo duck, green curry, "what the ?" sugar cane "shrimp" and false chicken schnitzel. I loved the egg plant stir fry best, unpretentious, cooked with love , truly vegetarian and so yummy tasty. It was the spice mix and hot wok combo that produced this delightful dish, best taken with steaming jasmine rice.

I found the vegetarian curry puffs (above image) a bit under in meeting my expectations, but was happy with the so-called duck (image prior). I reckon, at times, it is best to share, to minimise the risks of disappointment, increasing our options and variety back ups, just in case one of the dishes may not be to one's individual taste and preference.


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