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I was on a quick drop by to Wollongong CBD to change some currency and had to have a fast bite. Walking past Keira Street, I passed in front of the Pellegrini and reckoned that may be a good choice. I have observed the coffee drinkers and breakfast eaters on early mornings at this place, with high ceilings and looking like it could have been in Leichhardt olr Haberfield in inner city Sydney. There was only one person at the counter, but he half-smiled and organised my request for foccacia laden with ham, avocado spread, tomato slices and garnishings. (image above)

I could sense the cafe was frequented by regulars. It had a modern feel behind the counter, but other parts of the location could be in for a bit of a face lift. The cafe suggested to me of a long house when one looked further inside, and so is sufficiently spacious. With dark trimmings and lots of wood, the place did offer some character. However, the last orders from the kitchen closed sharp at 2pm and it was mostly a morning and brunch business not open on weekends.

I could not help fascinated by the unusual plate clock displayed in the inner sanctum of the cafe (above image). The other thing that captured my attention was that this same business also operates a mobile coffee van around Wollongong and its surrounds.

The Pellegrini Cafe has been in business since 2004 and sits along the main strip of Keira Street in Wollongong CBD. The cafe accepts cash payments only and is licensed for alcohol. Food offered on site and also fro catering arrangements include fish Pieces with tartare sauce,
Chipolata Sausages, meatballs (with satay & sweet chili sauce), marinated chicken, lamb skewers, spinach and ricotta pastizzi, cold antipasto platters and a selection of cakes and desserts.


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